We share these remarks in the words of the people we serve.

When I come to Mission Greenspoint I feel happy and up-lifted by everyone there. I feel like there are people who care about my well being as well as for my family. I normally handle everything in my life alone. But sometimes everyone needs a little help and Mission Greenspoint is there for us.

We are told by God to help lift our brother’s burdens, as much as we can. That’s what I hope we do at Mission Greenspoint.
Ramona, Volunteer

Early in the spring last year Morris Horner told me that Mission Greenspoint had some computer networking problems that needed attention. Little did I know that God would provide an opportunity to use my experience with computers to help. More importantly as I helped Mission Greenspoint, it provided an opportunity to use the talent God has given me to serve in my retirement. Countless blessings have been the result as I serve as a volunteer.
Don, Volunteer

Teaching ESL at Mission Greenspoint as a volunteer has been one of the greatest blessings God has called me to do. My students have blessed my life with their dedication and hard work to learn to speak English as a second language and their interest in spiritual matters. Cindy and Grady have established an awesome place to minister to others.
Rose Marie, Volunteer

Mission Greenspoint honors God as it ministers to others, including myself. I appreciate the conscientious stewardship of donors’ and volunteers’ gifts and time. I am greatly blessed when I take part in praying with the clients. Tears flow and hands sweat among us as we sense God’s strong presence in His ministering words and answered prayers. I also appreciate the clients when they give back to the mission when they utilize the services as a hand up, not a hand out, when they donate back for others to benefit and even when they pray for me and my family!
Jo Ann, Volunteer